The land on which we live and work is a breeding ground for sustainable initiatives such as GRO’s oyster mushrooms grown in coffee grounds. At our company, the very tasty, versatile and circularly grown oyster mushroom is the central focus from which we make our delicious products.


Versatile Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are soil magicians that reuse everything nature leaves behind. For thousands of years, they have been a prime example of a circular organism.

and social

A better future

GRO’s products help reduce the impact on the environment and are, of course, super tasty. The starting point for a better future.

How we began
  • In the late 1990s, a project was launched to build a children’s home in Zimbabwe
  • 2009 Zimbabwe food shortage — started using residual waste from coffee plantations to grow mushrooms
  • In 2011, this idea was launched in the Netherlands using the experience we gained in Zimbabwe
Hoe wij werken
How we work

GRO Circular

  • It all begins and ends with Mother Earth
  • Nature supplies coffee beans
  • We drink coffee
  • Partners gather coffee grounds
  • Oyster mushrooms grow in coffee grounds
  • GRO makes delicious products from oyster mushrooms


  • Gathering coffee grounds
  • Collection and transport by GRO
  • GRO nursery grows using coffee grounds
GRO Opportunities
  • New appealing, tasty product
  • Circularly produced and grown in coffee grounds
  • Durable and fresh
  • Homemade
  • Variation of multiple blended products
  • Appeals to the 90% of people in the Netherlands who are not vegetarian, so they instantly eat 50% less meat
  • Offers opportunities to young people